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Three Ways to Master Your Memory

Most of us practice with the intention to memorize music, especially for the opportunity to perform our music. Just as we all learn differently, we all memorize differently. In any case, it is best to learn how to memorize in multiple ways to reinforce your memory for long-term success. According to pianist and educator, Ashlee Young, there are (3) steps you can master memorization:

  1. Learn about the (4) types of memory and how they work together: muscle, visual, aural, and cognitive.

  2. Create memory puzzles for your brain. This could include singing while playing, playing with a recording, or analyzing the piece by highlighting patterns.

  3. Level up your memory by practicing backwards, experimenting with different starting points, or writing the piece on composition paper.

Would you like to learn more about how you can become a "memory master?"

Learn from Ashlee via Alfred Publishing here!

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