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How To Incorporate Art-Making Into Your Busy Life

The Atlantic recently shared this quick read on how to incorporate making art into your daily schedule and why it's important.

Too often, we let the humdrum reality of life get in the way of the arts, which can feel frivolous by comparison. But this is a mistake. The arts are the opposite of a diversion from reality; they might just be the most realistic glimpse we ever get into the nature and meaning of life. And if you make time for consuming and producing art—the same way you make time for work and exercise and family commitments—you’ll find your life getting fuller and happier.

One tip I like to share is incorporating art into your schedule just before or just after a daily habit: perhaps, it's 15 minutes of practicing your instrument right before or after dinner, for example. How do you incorporate art into your life?

Image: Jan Buchczik for The Atlantic

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