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Dr. Mei-Hsuan Huang: 2022 Des Moines Area Piano Festival Adjudicator

Get to know Dr. Mei-Hsuan Huang, adjudicator and master class presenter for the 2022 Des Moines Area Piano Festival. Dr. Huang is an accomplished pianist and pedagogue, and we are honored to have her at this year's Festival. Read an excerpt of her bio (her full bio may be found on the Des Moines Area Piano Festival page) and watch several videos from her YouTube channel below.

Pianist Mei-Hsuan Huang is Associate Professor of Piano at Iowa State University and a member of the Ames Piano Quartet (Joanne Rile Artists Management).
Huang has been a prizewinner in several international piano competitions, including the USASU International Piano Competition in Tempe, Arizona, the 57th Wideman Piano Concerto Competition in Shreveport, Louisiana, and the International Chopin Piano Competition in Taipei, Taiwan. She regularly performs over fifty solo and chamber recitals every year in Europe, States, Canada and Taiwan. She has been invited to summer festivals including the 2006 Aspen Music Festival, the 2007 Pianofest in the East Hamptons, the 2008 Orford Music Festival, Quebec, the 2010 Atlantic Music Festival in Maine, the 2012 CICA Eureka Springs International Music Festival in Arkansas, and the 2012 and 2013 Banff Music Festival, Alberta. Festivals increasingly ask for her presence on their artist rosters. Recently, Huang also was presented in a piano recital in National Taiwan Concert Hall (Taipei), as a result of being nominated for the prize of “Excellent Musician Series” by ProArtist. She also gave a sold out concert (Chamber Label Management) in 2017 at National Taiwan Concert Hall and TaiChung Opera House.

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