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Student Spotlights: Nina & Elise

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Get to know Mobile Music Lessons students, Nina (R) and Elise (L) from the violin studio of Julisa Heredia.

Q: What is your favorite piece to play? A: Nina: Perpetual Motion A: Elise: Mary Had a Little Lamb Q: What has music taught you? A: Nina: Music can be really fun, especially when we play music games. Music also has taught me to never give up. There are pieces I didn't think I would ever be able to play and with practice and determination, I have accomplished them. A: Elise: Music has taught me that there is always a song or style that matches however I feel. Q: Who is your favorite artist? A: Nina: I think the B2Wins are funny, funky and talented. A: Elise: Ms. Baccam, my music teacher at school and Imagine Dragons Q: How has music been a part of your life since you were young? A: Nina: I have several special people in my life who have gifted me instruments that I enjoy -- a panda drum, recorder, ukulele, harmonica, and a pan flute. They have also sang or played music for me since I was very young. I started violin at Plymouth Nursery School and liked playing with my friend Aya. A: Elise: I used to watch my sister at her own violin lessons and it made me want to take lessons as soon as I could. I also love being around music and playing instruments like the panda drum. Q: Anything else you’d like to add? A: Nina: I recently saw Hamilton and have enjoyed learning the songs from the soundtrack.

A: Elise: I love to sing and dance. Sometimes I look at a picture, sit down at the piano, and make up a song that represents the picture.

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