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Playing Music and Sports May Enhance Your Skills and Performance

Updated: Aug 30, 2023

Like athletes, being a musician involves many functions of our minds and bodies. Whether you are looking to improve your physical abilities, mental well-being or seeking an edge in your performance, research indicates many people can benefit from playing music and sports. Multisport coach and musician, Liz Hinley suggests that music training can increase coordination and fine motor skills, while listening to music can provide positive motivation and endurance for athletes. French Olympic champion and concert pianist, Micheline Ostermeyer attests, "the qualities that make a true artist are nearly the same qualities that make a true athlete" and "sports helped relax [me] and playing piano gave [me] a sense of motion and rhythm."

Learn how you can improve and optimize your life with music and sports from Liz Hinley via Alfred Music here.

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