Faculty Spotlight: Natalie Steenson

Updated: Aug 6

Get to know Mobile Music Lessons piano and ukulele faculty member Natalie Steenson! Learn more about her on our faculty page. Read more faculty spotlights on our blog.

Q: When did you begin playing the ukulele?

A: I started playing the ukulele about 7 years ago to support my early childhood music teaching. I find that the students really engage when I bring instruments to supplement the learning experiences. When I discovered how fun playing the ukulele is to play, I wanted to help others learn how to de-mystify the learning process. So I began teaching free ukulele classes through the Northside Library and have taught hundreds of adults, teens and tweens ukulele.

Q: What is your favorite piece or composer?

A: One of my favorite piano pieces is Clair de Lune by Debussy. I began learning this song in high school after hearing my mother play it. It is such an ethereal, moving and challenging piece. I had it performed at our wedding as a memorial to my mother who had passed away years before. I enjoy teaching this piece to my advanced piano students.

Q: Why is music important to you?

A: Music has been such an important part of my life. I began singing and playing piano duets with my mother when I was young. I had encouraging and creative teachers throughout my learning, and have sought to think “out of the box” with my own teaching philosophy. I believe that if students are given the tools, encouragement and individualized teaching helps bring their own musicality to the surface, I have helped them discover a part of themselves that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

Q: Why do you enjoy teaching for MML?

A: I enjoy teaching for MML because of the support of the staff and other teaching professionals.

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