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Faculty Spotlight: Julisa Heredia

Updated: Nov 5, 2023

Get to know Mobile Music Lessons violin and viola faculty member Julisa Heredia! Learn more about her on our faculty page. Read more faculty spotlights on our blog. Q: How did you get started playing the violin? A: I started violin in 4th grade through Des Moines Community Schools at Brubaker Elementary. The orchestra director introduced instruments to all the 4th grade classes and I had the opportunity to try holding and playing the violin with the help of the teacher. I really loved the sound that the instrument produced and couldn't wait to get my hand on my own. I begged my mom for a couple weeks to let me play violin and once my mom knew I was serious, she agreed to let me rent a violin from the school, and the rest is history. Q: What is your favorite piece or composer and why? A: I do not really have a favorite composer because I enjoy listening to all kinds of music. However, recently I have really been enjoying learning and teaching music by Soon Hee Newbold because she explores musical ideas from various cultures. Q: Why is music important to you? A: Music is important to me because it provides me with encouragement, hope, and peace during times of life stress. Q: What is your teaching philosophy? A: My teaching philosophy is that all students deserve an exceptional educational experience that inspires them and gives them equal access to opportunities to express themselves and improve as musicians through collaborating with others in music. It is really important that we select music that lifts up all cultures and communities and that we are equitable when providing musical opportunities to all students. Q: Why do you enjoy teaching for MML? A: I enjoy teaching at MML because it has provided me with many opportunities to work with students of all ages from the age of 3 to the age of 14. It has been a great learning experience for me as a new teacher to learn to teach various age groups, work with their families, and prepare them to perform at various MML recitals.

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