Faculty Spotlight: Amy Vaughn

Updated: Jul 8

Get to know Mobile Music Lessons violin and piano faculty member Amy Vaughn! Learn more about her on our faculty page. Read more faculty spotlights on our blog.

Q: When did you begin playing the piano? A: I began playing music when I was five years old. I grew up in a very small Iowa town and my first piano teacher was an elderly lady who lived out in the country on a farm. I went to her old farmhouse each week for my lessons and have loved music ever since!

Q: What is your favorite piece or composer? A: Since I was a young girl, I have always loved Dvorak and enjoy all of his music. I love that his music has an almost folk like feel and I love the fact that he lived in Iowa for a time!

Q: Why is music important to you? A: I love that music is a way for me to be expressive and creative. Through my music, I tell a story or paint a picture for my audience. When we can accomplish drawing the audience into our performances and reaching them with our music, we are true artists!

Q: What is your teaching philosophy? A: I love teaching! I love working with my students. Each student is different from the other- no two are ever the same! I love challenging myself to be an effective teacher and I love striving to individualize my instruction for each student. One of the reasons I love teaching private lessons is the fact that I am able to narrow my teaching and instruct the student on a personalized one-one-one level. It brings me great joy to know I have helped a student learn and begin to become a successful musician!

Q: Why do you enjoy teaching for MML? A: I enjoy teaching for MML because it allows me to do what I love and what I feel that I do best! MML does a fantastic job of allowing me to work with my students one-on-one and I love that they offer consistent performance opportunities for students. The regular recitals and Des Moines Piano Festival have been excellent opportunities for my students!

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