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2022 Victor Borge Legacy Award Entrants to Play on Steinway Model O Piano

Mobile Music Lessons is pleased to announce that student entrants in the Des Moines Area Piano Festival's Victor Borge Legacy Award will play on a Steinway O Piano at the Salisbury House & Gardens, courtesy of West Music Des Moines Piano Gallery. Here is an image of the instrument in a home:

We laid out a Steinway template on-site in the Salisbury House's Weeks Garage to imagine how the instrument will look at the Festival -- it is going to look absolutely grand!:

Here are some fun facts about the Steinway Model O:

  • It is the largest of Steinway's small grand pianos, large enough to produce a rich, full sound, yet sized to fit in most any home

  • Length: 5' 10-3/4"

  • Width: 57-3/4"

  • Weight: 616 pounds

  • Tension: 41,888 pounds (Steinways are known for low-tension scaling, resulting in a longer sustaining tone and instrument life)

  • Wood: Multiple, including spruce braces, maple dowels, sugar pine ribs, hard rock maple hammer moldings and shanks, European spruce keys, Linden wood buttons, quarter-sawn spruce keybed, birch key planks

“Probably the central thing about Steinway for me is the singing, sustaining tone... The tone that has personality, that's human, that's not ‘just a sound’ but seems to have a kind of life of its own.” -Jeremy Denk, Steinway Artist & Pianist

Interested in learning more about the Steinway O or how you can have one in your own home? Please email Brittany Brugman, piano consultant at West Music Des Moines Piano Gallery at

The 2022 Des Moines Area Piano Festival will be held on Sunday, Feb. 27, 2022. It is presented by Mobile Music Lessons, with support from the Museum of Danish America, the Salisbury House & Gardens and West Music Des Moines Piano Gallery. Learn more at

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