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Studies Suggest Animals May Synchronize With Music Like Humans

Updated: Feb 2

According to recent studies from the University of Amsterdam by Henkjan Honing and the Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics by Andrea Ravignani, "all animals, beyond just humans, may share the ability to perceive melody and rhythm." Honing and Ravignani discuss their research with NPR host, Ailsa Chang about how music has shaped synchronization within the animal kingdom. For example, the gibbons species have demonstrated that they can "keep a beat singing solo" and "males and females could sync up when belting out songs at the same time."

Listen here to learn more! As featured on Iowa Public Radio's podcast, c/o National Public Radio as written and published by Gabe O'Connor and Christopher Intagliata

Photo credit: Maria Lupan, c/o Unsplash

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